ELAG is Europe’s premier conference on the application of information technology in libraries and documentation centres. For over thirty years, the ELAG (European Library Automation Group) Conference has provided library and IT professionals with the opportunity to discuss new technologies, to review on-going developments and to exchange best practices.

ELAG participants include more than 670 members in 27 countries all over Europe. The meetings aim at in depth discussions of particular library automation topics and at the promotion of informal exchange of ideas and experience. Topics of past conferences have included digital libraries, library portals, institutional repositories, web services, digital preservation and open source software. The topics covered are technical and meant for participants with an appropriate technical background.

The principal goals of ELAG conference are to:

  •     Promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mutual understanding of new library and archive technologies and services;
  •     Connect people working in libraries, archives, museums, and software development projects within and across those domains;
  •     Study the impact of changing user expectations and behaviours;
  •     Collaborate on navigating evolving library standards and the effects on library technology;
  •     Define common principles for library automation by sharing best practices and defining new standards;
  •     Foster exchanges about data, software and documentation beyond the scope of any single technology, vendor, or toolset;

The ELAG conference provide a bridge between technologists, metadata experts, archivists, management to study the impact of automation technology in a changing library and archive landscape. Make yourself heard and participate in our community.