Latvia lies in the Central European Time zone (GMT + 2 hours, or same as, for instance, Helsinki, Riga, and Tallinn)


Euro (€) is the official currency in Latvia. Currency can be exchanged at the airport and banks. Currency converter

Credit Cards

Visa and Master Card are accepted in most shops, hotels, and restaurants. You will find an ATM on nearly every corner.

Electrical Appliances

The voltage in Latvia is 220 volts.

Emergency Telephone Number



All participants are reminded that the organizer is not liable for any losses, accidents or damage done to persons or private property. All participants are requested to make their own arrangements in respect of health and travel insurance.

International dialing code


Information Hotline

The Hotline 1188 provides information about business addresses, hours, service providers, state institutions, public transport timetables, concerts and events, the location of the nearest service provider, as well as all vital tourism information – about accommodations, museums, attractions, restaurants and cafes, and medical centers. The Hotline is reachable 24 hours per day. Information is provided in Latvian, Russian, and English.

Tourist Police in Riga

Riga Municipal Police has a specialized Tourist Unit, which ensures public order, as well as provides information to foreign visitors about the opportunity for assistance in case of incidents like theft, lost property and fraud.

A 24-hour information Hotline +371 67181818 has been introduced for foreign nationals. Information is provided in Latvian, Russian, and English.

Learn Latvian before you arrive

Good morning – Labrīt!

Good afternoon – Labdien!

Good evening – Labvakar!

Goodbye – Uz redzešānos

See you later – Uz tikšanos!

How are you?- Kā Jums iet?

Thanks – Paldies!

Good – Labi

Please/You are welcome – Lūdzu

Hello/greetings – Sveicināti

Airport – Lidosta

Shop – Veikals

Hotel – Viesnīca